About Your Hosts

Your hosts are Jess and Pam Miller. We have been hosting guests at Burt Lake since 1992 and at Havilland Bay since 2000. We take pride in offering quality accommodations with safe sandy beaches and stunning views. We guarantee that what we offer to our guests is exactly what we would expect for ourselves.

We have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, and we know how important it is to have friendly, informative hosts who offer clean, high quality accommodations. We have also learned that a relaxing vacation is often the result of settling in at one place for a week, and exploring all there is to do in that one area.

So if you stay at our Guest House on Burt Lake, we will greet you in person, and we will offer as much personal contact as you are comfortable with. If you stay at our Chalet on Havilland Bay, we will phone you to make sure that everything is OK. No matter where you stay, we will be happy to offer suggestions on what to do, where to eat, and how to make the most of your entire vacation.

Our areas of special interest include kayaking, sailing, mountain-biking, bicycle touring, hiking, cross-country skiing, and alpine skiing. We are very familiar with both Northern Michigan and the Algoma region of Ontario, including the many “off the beaten track” places that might not be mentioned in the tour guides.

So if you are looking for a quiet, relaxing vacation in an area that offers stunning natural beauty, then perhaps we can help you. You should realize that over the last several years, both our Burt Lake and Havilland Bay accommodations have been completely booked for June, July, and August. If you plan to reserve a week with us, we recommend that you do so prior to May 1. Many of our guests return year after year, and we do offer first choice to those who have stayed with us before.

If you want a really peaceful vacation, try visiting us in September after most of the tourists have gone home. The weather is delightful, the water is still warm, and the bugs have disappeared. Or perhaps you might be looking for some fall color. If that is the case, try a visit in late September or early October. If you are thinking of a winter vacation, both cross-country skiing and downhill skiing are available from December through March at our Havilland Bay Chalet.

- Jess and Pam

Jess and Pam Miller
Phone: 231-268-9349
Email: jess@upnorthlakes.com
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